Nicola Sturgeon was told "goodbye and good riddance" as critics harshly applauded FM's departure.

Nicola Sturgeon was told “goodbye and good riddance” as critics harshly applauded FM’s departure.

Nicola Sturgeon has given a press conference from Bute House, in which announced her resignation after eight years in her role as Scottish First Minister.

Nicola Sturgeon has announced she will be resigning as leader of the Scottish National Party after more than 8 years in the role.

A source close to the SNP leader said she had “had enough”.

The outgoing First Minister said she would remain in post until a successor is appointed.

But – in a nod to the row over trans rights – she denied that her decision to step down came as a result of “short-term pressures”.

“We’re at a critical moment”, she warned, saying “the cause of independence is bigger than any one individual.”

Ms Sturgeon became the country’s longest-serving first minister after more than 8 years in the role.

She took over as the party leader in November 2014 after the SNP’s failed independence referendum, taking over from Alex Salmond.

Just weeks ago, the SNP leader told the BBC that she had “plenty left in the tank”.

Reacting to the news, Alison Thewliss, SNP MP for Glasgow Central and the party’s home affairs spokesperson, said she was “absolutely gutted”.

Ms Sturgeon has faced mounting pressure in recent weeks after the SNP’s controversial Gender Reform Act was blocked by Westminster.

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