A photo of Tim Davie, the director-general of the BBC, standing at a podium during a press conference. He is wearing a suit and tie and holding a microphone. The background appears to be a plain, light-colored wall.

BBC boss Tim Davie criticised for calling UK households ‘happy’ to pay forced licence fee

BBC boss Tim Davie has been criticised for reportedly saying that UK households are “happy” paying a forced licence fee.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Davie made the comments during a meeting with staff members, stating, “It’s truly amazing what we’re pulling off, by the way.”

“That most households are pretty happy paying a licence being a forced payment. It’s amazing what we’re pulling off.”

Former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has questioned why Davie has different messages for different people.

Speaking on GB News, Whittingdale said, “What I think is a bit of a shame is while he’s prepared to say that to his staff in private, that’s not his public message.”

The future of the BBC’s funding model is being reviewed after the licence fee was branded “regressive” by peers, with some suggesting “viable alternatives” to the current model.

A BBC spokesperson defended Davie, saying that he regularly discusses “the privilege of having the licence fee” and “the challenging circumstances facing the media industry”.

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