A group of British MPs and peers, including Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Alton, are calling for the Chinese government to be barred from attending the King's Coronation due to concerns about the country's human rights record and its perceived threat to the UK. The image shows a group of politicians sitting in a parliamentary chamber, with some of them speaking and gesturing while others listen attentively.

MPs and Peers Call for Chinese Government to be Barred from King’s Coronation Due to ‘Crimes Against Humanity

MPs and peers, including senior Tory Sir Iain Duncan Smith and crossbench peer Lord Alton, have called for the Chinese government to be barred from attending the King’s Coronation due to a “litany of crimes against humanity.”

The move is being opposed due to concerns about sending “confusing and contradictory signals” to China, which is perceived as a threat.

Concerns over China’s treatment of Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang were cited as well as its “tacit support of Russia.”

The involvement of China in the Coronation would be “the wrong thing to do,” according to Lord Alton.

Story above derived from this News Link -> China should be barred from Coronation, sanctioned parliamentarians say

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