Labour's Angela Rayner Faces Backlash Over Comments on Transgender Rapist Isla Bryson's Placement in Women's Prison

Labour’s Angela Rayner Faces Backlash Over Comments on Transgender Rapist Isla Bryson’s Placement in Women’s Prison

Angela Rayner, the Labour deputy leader, has stirred controversy after her recent comments about trans double rapist, Isla Bryson. Rayner was asked whether the phrase “her penis” made sense in relation to the case and the possibility of Bryson being placed in a women’s prison.

Rayner responded by saying that “To be honest, I don’t think that particularly matters.”

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Rayner explained that people want to see the human side of being compassionate, whilst also seeking reassurance around safe spaces. She added that “I don’t think those two things are incompatible.”

However, Rayner’s comments have sparked criticism, with Tory MP Nickie Aiken saying that it renders the Labour deputy leader unfit for office.

Aiken told The Sun that “It’s staggering that someone who wants to be Deputy PM is unable to answer a question that any primary school child could standing on their head. Even though it’s amusing on the surface, it would be dangerous if these people got into power.”

Rayner also argued that Bryson should not be placed in a women’s jail as she is “at the very start of the process” of becoming a woman. She acknowledged that the 31-year-old began gender reassignment therapy in 2020, shortly after she was charged.

Rayner noted that “Well, that person’s identifying as a woman now.

But they’re right at the beginning of a transition — that they believe is right for them, however, and that’s fine. We respect that. That doesn’t mean to say by respecting it you instantly say, OK, well, that person then goes into a vulnerable space.”

When asked whether Bryson was a woman when she raped her victims, Rayner admitted that she “doesn’t know” what was inside Bryson’s head.

Rayner’s comments come after Isla Bryson’s mother, Janet, expressed her disappointment and heartbreak over her child’s actions.

The Scottish Prison Service conducted an urgent review of the case and made recommendations on the management of transgender prisoners. Isla Bryson will be sentenced later this month.

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