UK PM Rishi Sunak risks no-confidence vote over EU deal for Northern Ireland

UK PM Rishi Sunak risks no-confidence vote over EU deal for Northern Ireland

According to sources within the Conservative party, UK PM Rishi Sunak may face a vote of no confidence if he does not abandon his current plans for a deal with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

This comes as Prime Minister Sunak is engaged in talks with the EU to find a solution to issues with the protocol, which has faced opposition from up to 100 Tory MPs, largely from the powerful backbench group of Brexiteers known as the European Research Group (ERG).

The ERG has urged Sunak to abandon “plan A,” which involves continued involvement of the European Court of Justice in policing the protocol, and instead restore Northern Ireland’s sovereignty to avoid a mutiny from his own MPs.

A deal was expected to be announced today, but a senior member of the ERG said that “plan A has stalled” due to opposition from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

The government has reportedly asked the southern Irish to try and woo the DUP, but it is believed that the DUP will not consider any agreement until they have seen a proper legal text.

Former Brexit minister Jacob Rees-Mogg has compared Sunak’s handling of the situation to that of Theresa May, saying that the government needs to get support for the deal before finalizing the details.

A senior Conservative source has also warned that Sunak is “in trouble,” and that pushing ahead with plan A could trigger a vote of no confidence.

Source: Sunak facing no confidence vote as 100 Tory MPs to rebel if he bows to EU on Brexit deal

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