Labour and Liberal Democrats Coalition Could Impede Rishi Sunak's Removal of EU Laws by Year End

Labour and Liberal Democrats Coalition Could Impede Rishi Sunak’s Removal of EU Laws by Year End

A potential coalition between the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties could hinder Rishi Sunak’s attempts to remove EU laws from the UK statute book by the end of 2023.

This move has been sparked by their proposed amendment to the Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill, which demands the discussion and deliberation of every individual law that has been earmarked for removal by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The REUL Bill, which enforces a sunset clause, puts an end to the implementation of all imported laws from Brussels, unless ministers state otherwise. If passed, the REUL Bill will make it easier for the UK government to modify, revoke or replace EU laws retained after Brexit through Parliament.

According to Baroness Chapman of Darlington, a Labour peer pushing the Bill, the government has displayed reckless handling of the situation, while the Liberal Democrats view it as a desperate power grab. The two parties are particularly concerned about animal welfare and consumer protection issues that may arise as a result of removing certain laws.

The REUL Bill will allow almost all remaining EU laws to be absorbed into domestic law or repealed by December 31, 2023. However, no list has been published indicating which laws will be removed.

Despite the opposition, Mr Sunak has remained steadfast in his defense of the REUL Bill. A government spokesperson claims that the bill aims to remove or modify burdensome EU laws, creating a regulatory environment conducive to driving economic growth, promoting innovation, and gaining a competitive advantage in future technology.

The spokesperson further confirms that any reforms will not compromise the UK’s high environmental standards and international commitments. The government is committed to working with Parliament to ensure the successful implementation of its agenda, as outlined in the REUL Bill.

This commitment is evidenced by the bill’s strong scrutiny mechanisms, which will enable appropriate consideration of any repeals or amendments to retained EU laws.

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  1. Why are the UK waiting until the end of 2023 when it should happening right away like it should have on day one. If this Government can not do their job right after the British people told then all those years ago then leave their post and let others that believes in the UK not the EU like this Con Club of this Government does as like the Labor if they get power they will take the UK back into the EU. Like myself and many others feel both party’s will do this. So it is best right now have new party in place that cares about the UK and the British people. Just think ( The EU Remainers ) the amount money we would save? but those who wants to go back into the EU must be getting backhanders from them and our MPs. Again I have said it many times, we are MPs, PM employers not employees so do as your told.

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