Sir Keir vows to reset the UK’s relationship with the EU and “fix” the Brexit deal, even though he has not read the agreement.

In his keynote address in Manchester, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer unveiled the party’s five national missions for Britain, outlining measurable goals to be achieved by a clear long-term plan.

Sir Keir pledged to accelerate economic growth, reform the NHS, make streets safer, tackle the climate crisis and break down barriers to opportunity in education.

During his speech, Sir Keir vowed to reset the UK’s relationship with the EU and “fix” the Brexit deal, even though he had not yet read the agreement.

The Conservative Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, accused Sir Keir of giving the EU a “blank cheque” and said he was surrendering to their demands.

Sir Keir responded by saying that he wanted to pursue victory for Britain, much like successful sports teams like Arsenal and Manchester City.

He criticized the Conservative Party for “lurching from crisis to crisis” and being reactive instead of proactive.

In his first mission, Sir Keir promised to generate sustained economic growth that benefits everyone, not just a few. His second mission involved reforming the NHS to make it fit for the future and reduce preventable illnesses.

He also pledged to make Britain’s streets safer and to tackle the causes of crime.

Sir Keir’s fourth mission involved making the UK a clean energy superpower by introducing zero-carbon British electricity by 2030, which he said would put the country ahead of any major economy in the world.

Finally, he promised to break down the barriers to opportunity in education, preparing young people for work and life.

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