Orban Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Ukraine, Says War Can't Be Won

Orban Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Ukraine, Says War Can’t Be Won

On Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated on Kossuth Radio’s ‘Good morning, Hungary’ programme that, according to his assessment, it is not possible to win the war in Ukraine.

He called for an immediate ceasefire and for parties to engage in peace talks.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that the UN General Assembly’s resolution on Thursday urging peace in Ukraine was a pro-peace document, and that this was the majority view worldwide on the conflict.

The Prime Minister said that the situation is particularly challenging because military goals are unclear, making it difficult to understand how to measure sacrifices.

Although he recognised that Ukraine is defending its freedom against the Russian attack, it is uncertain what it means.

The Prime Minister attributed the conflict to a flawed European decision not to localise the conflict and to an absence of limits on providing support for Ukraine.

Although Hungary is a member of NATO, he stressed that NATO is a defensive and not a war alliance, meaning that Hungary is not obligated to participate in military campaigns against non-NATO member states.

The Prime Minister also called for respect for the Hungarians of Transcarpathia and criticised Sweden and Finland for spreading lies about Hungary.

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  1. We know the war can’t be won, nor can there be a ceasefire, Russia will want to keep the land it has annexed, Ukraine will not allow them to keep it, including Crimea, the war is doomed to drag on , one side or the other starts running out of weaponry or manpower, it was never going to be as easy as Putin thought. A powerful leader, but poor strategist.

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