BREXIT - Rishi Sunak and Ursula Von der Leyen to Meet in Berkshire: Speculation of a Potential "Windsor Agreement"

BREXIT – Rishi Sunak and Ursula Von der Leyen to Meet in Berkshire: Speculation of a Potential “Windsor Agreement”

The location of the meeting between Rishi Sunak and Ursula Von der Leyen is yet to be confirmed, but it seems that the European Commission President’s diary may have inadvertently revealed that it will take place in Berkshire on Monday.

Initially, her diary on the European Commission’s website indicated that the meeting would be held in Windsor, but this was later changed to simply “United Kingdom.”

Speculation has arisen that a potential new agreement between the UK and the EU could be called the “Windsor Agreement.”

Although there were plans for King Charles to meet with Von der Leyen at Windsor Castle on Saturday, these were scrapped for “operational reasons,” leading some to criticise Sunak for involving the monarchy in politics.

However, government sources have denied that Sunak intended to use the King to endorse any potential agreement.

New information reveals that the leaders will meet for “final talks” at lunchtime, followed by a Cabinet meeting in the afternoon where the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland will provide an update on the negotiations.

If a final agreement is reached, a joint press conference will be held in the late afternoon, after which the Prime Minister will deliver a statement to the House of Commons.

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab, defended the meeting, stating that it is not uncommon for the monarch to meet with heads of states and international organisations.

He emphasised that the timing and scheduling of the meeting is up to the Palace and the monarchy, and that the government does not interfere in this process.

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