According to a former aide of Margaret Thatcher, Rishi Sunak’s deal falls short of granting sovereignty to Northern Ireland as Brussels still holds the strings.

In a post on Twitter, former aide to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner has stated that he has been asked what Margaret Thatcher would have thought on Rishi Sunaks deal with Brussels.

Mr Gardiner said that “Margaret Thatcher believed the UK should be completely free from EU control and be truly sovereign again. This deal with Brussels clearly does not deliver that for the people of N Ireland.”

In further Tweet, Mr Gardiner goes on to say, “Rishi Sunak is presenting NI Protocol deal as a big win. There are concessions from EU, but there is a reason why Brussels is pleased. EU courts/EU law still reign over N Ireland. The Protocol remains in force. The UK as a whole is not sovereign, and Brexit not fully delivered.”

In his final damming message on Twitter, Mr Gardiner states that in the coming week’s Rishi Sunaks deal with Brussels will unravel with Tory grass root members pushing for Boris Johnsons return.

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