Migrant Saved from Deportation by Labour MPs and Celebrities Goes on to Commit Murder

Migrant Saved from Deportation by Labour MPs and Celebrities Goes on to Commit Murder

It has been revealed that a migrant, who was saved from deportation through legal challenges by Labour MPs and celebrities, went on to commit murder in a knife attack.

The individual, Ernesto Elliott, was due to leave Britain in December 2020, but was able to avoid removal efforts.

Six months later, in June 2021, Elliott murdered a 35-year-old man, for which he was sentenced to at least 26 years in prison.

Elliott and 22 other serious criminals had been due to board a flight back to Jamaica in December 2020 after being convicted of various crimes, including knife crime.

However, they submitted last-minute appeals, including human rights claims, which resulted in their deportation being avoided.

This decision followed an open letter signed by 60 celebrities and authors, including supermodel Naomi Campbell, Line Of Duty star Thandiwe Newton, James Bond actress Naomie Harris, historian David Olusoga, and various Labour MPs.

On June 2, 2021, Elliott and his son, Nico, robbed and murdered Nathaniel Eyewu-Ago in a dispute over drugs.

Eyewu-Ago later died in hospital from a stab wound to the heart.

Nico Elliott was also sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years and a concurrent sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment for robbery.

In response to the case, Home Office Secretary Priti Patel criticised those who oppose deportations of convicted foreign criminals, including Labour MPs and celebrities, stating that it is crucial to challenge “do-gooders” who try to block deportations.

Similarly, Home Office Secretary Suella Braverman condemned Labour MPs who had opposed Elliott’s removal, stating that the case demonstrated why it is necessary to remove foreign criminals, including murderers, rapists, child abusers, and drug dealers, who have no right to be in the country.

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