Conservative MPs in Red Wall Seats Frustrated as Deportation Law Delayed, "Reaching Boiling Point"

Conservative MPs in Red Wall Seats Frustrated as Deportation Law Delayed, “Reaching Boiling Point”

The Conservative MPs in Red Wall seats in the North and Midlands were increasingly frustrated that a new law to deport illegal migrants immediately was still weeks away from being introduced in Parliament.

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, had warned Tory MPs in private meetings that frustration levels were “reaching boiling point”.

The MPs had questioned why hotels in their constituencies had been requisitioned to house illegal migrants who had arrived in small boats across the English Channel.

The source close to Ms Braverman confirmed that the legislation would take time to make it legally watertight, stating that “It has to be right.

No point in introducing something that doesn’t work. I expect they’d see that as a bigger problem.” However, some Tory MPs were concerned that Home Office officials were “deliberately dragging the legislation out”.

Ending the migrant crisis was one of the five pledges made by the Prime Minister at the beginning of January, but there were concerns that progress was not being made.

One frustrated Tory MP said, “You know what? We don’t deserve to govern.” Another MP said, “This issue is getting to boiling point in the Parliamentary party. It has been dragging on for years and no progress at all.

Just more so-called asylum seekers coming over with lawyers gaming the system and hotels in our constituencies requisitioned by the Home Office. We haven’t taken back control of our borders, and voters are getting angry about it.”

The Home Secretary, Ms Braverman, was understood to be seeking a way to crack down on the problem and had been asking MPs to come in for a private chat to air their concerns and discuss the issues.

The MPs believed that her heart was in the right place, but they were frustrated by the lack of progress. They hoped that the legislation would be introduced soon so that they could take back control of the borders and fulfil their promises to the voters.

2 thoughts on “Conservative MPs in Red Wall Seats Frustrated as Deportation Law Delayed, “Reaching Boiling Point”

  1. There is an unforeseen reason why these illegals are still travelling to our shores, the government has an 80 seat majority, so can change laws, rules and regulations, this invasion should have been nipped in the bud after the first few boats, no country in their right mind allows any unidentified immigrants past its borders, let alone the thousands we have allowed in.

  2. It’s a disgrace letting in unchecked illegal immigrants into this country. May we ask how many of these people have committed amn offence whilst being here. Women and children are very frightened.

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