Labour’s Humza Yousaf Demands Scotland's Access to Single Market while Criticizing British Government for Denial

Humza Yousaf Demands Scotland’s Access to Single Market while Criticising British Government for Denial

Humza Yousaf, a candidate for SNP leadership, spoke at a hustings event in Cumbernauld, calling for Scotland to demand access to the European Union’s single market.

Yousaf criticized the British government for denying Scotland this access while touting the benefits of the new deal made with Northern Ireland.

He suggested that the SNP should broadcast clips of the Prime Minister praising the new deal in every living room in Scotland, arguing that it would make the case for single market access stronger.

Fellow SNP leadership candidate Ash Regan shared her view that Scotland should consider joining the European Free Trade Association before rejoining the EU if Scotland gains independence.

She also spoke about the Scottish Government’s gender reforms, saying that the SNP has lost the trust of the country over its handling of the issue.

Regan stated that the Bill should be scrapped entirely rather than being challenged in court.

Kate Forbes, another leadership candidate, suggested that the Bill should be amended, but it was unclear what changes she would support.

Forbes stressed the importance of involving NHS staff in any reforms while also saying that the founding principles of the NHS were not up for discussion.

The three candidates agreed that the NHS needed reform, but Yousaf and Forbes emphasized the importance of maintaining its founding principles.

The candidates will participate in 12 more events before the SNP chooses its new leader, who will likely become Scotland’s next First Minister.

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