Alastair Campbell blames Brexit for rise in Channel crossings as UK pledges nearly half a billion pounds to tackle issue

Former Labour spin-doctor, Alastair Campbell, has spoken out against the UK government’s coverage of the new Illegal Migration Bill, blaming Brexit for the rise in the number of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel to claim asylum.

In a series of tweets, Campbell accused the government of “trashing the house and expecting thanks for clearing up the kitchen,” and said that the lack of a replacement returns policy was the reason for the increase in numbers.

Campbell’s comments came as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the UK will pay nearly half a billion pounds over the next three years to step up efforts to prevent small boats from crossing the Channel.

The package includes funding for a new detention center in France and hundreds of extra law enforcement officers on French shores. It is the first time the UK will contribute to building a detention center in France to help deal with the numbers of people being trafficked.

However, the French President told Sunak that the migration returns agreement he covets under his pledge to “stop the boats” would have to be negotiated with the European Union rather than Paris.

The major new package is in addition to the more than £300 million the UK has committed to France in the last decade to help tackle unauthorized migration.

Refugees, including an Iranian who arrived in the UK by boat, have said detaining asylum seekers will “traumatize” and not deter them, describing the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill as “cruel and abhorrent.”

The controversial proposals to curb Channel crossings would see refugees arriving by boats detained, removed, and banned for life from claiming asylum in the UK.

Farzad, who fled Iran due to persecution for religious reasons, said he does not think the Bill will act as a deterrent and that detaining asylum seekers will only make them more vulnerable.

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  1. Why do this Remainers blame Brexit for everything? When the British People voted to leave the EU, we the British People told you in the Government to act on the request of the People. We the British people could act that is why we the taxpayer pay you to do it. The wording Brexit on paper can work alone it has be pushed by you in the commands, so do your job as we request all those years ago. Remember PMs and the PM you are employed by us the taxpayer to do your job right and stop blaming others, if you can not do the job leave and allow some in who can. THINK ABOUT, STOP TAKING OUR TAXES AS A INCOME IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO THE JOB RIGHT.

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