EU urges member states to increase deportation of unauthorised migrants

EU urges member states to increase deportation of unauthorised migrants

The European Union (EU) has called on its member countries to increase the deportation of people who enter Europe without authorisation and are not eligible to stay.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson revealed that only one in five would-be migrants who should be deported actually is, leading to a return rate of just 21% last year.

Johansson urged member states to take advantage of the EU’s border and coastguard agency, which she said is well-equipped to organise deportation flights.

Johansson emphasised the importance of dealing appropriately with those who do not qualify for international protection to protect the right to apply for asylum.

She said that while migration is necessary, it must be legal and orderly. Last year, EU member nations made 340,000 decisions to deport people, but in just 60% of cases did authorities attempt to contact the migrants’ home countries to facilitate their return.

The arrival of more than one million migrants in 2015, mostly fleeing war in Syria or Iraq, sparked one of the EU’s biggest political crises.

Member countries have bickered over responsibility for migrants and whether other members should be obliged to help.

Repeated attempts to reform the asylum system have been made, but little progress has been achieved.

To prevent migrants from leaving or transiting through certain countries, the EU has turned to paying them.

Johansson noted that the return of unauthorised migrants is crucial to maintaining the EU’s trust and the proper functioning of the system.

She cited a successful agreement with Bangladesh and said a Frontex flight would depart on Wednesday with 68 “returnees” aboard.

Johansson urged member states to work together to ensure the legal and orderly migration of those who need protection.

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