Sir Keir Starmer's Campaign Against Deportation Flight Leads to Re-Offending by Some Criminals

Sir Keir Starmer’s Campaign Against Deportation Flight: A Costly Mistake Leading to Re-Offending by Criminals

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s involvement in a campaign against the deportation of 50 Jamaicans in a controversial flight in 2020 has come under scrutiny after it emerged that several of the individuals who were allowed to stay went on to re-offend.

The Court of Appeal had cancelled the deportation flight due to insufficient legal advice available to the individuals.

The cancelled flight carried people who had committed criminal offences after being brought to the UK when they were younger.

Sir Keir had signed a letter, along with several Labour MPs and celebrities, calling for the flight to be delayed.

However, an investigation by the Sun revealed that seven of the individuals who were allowed to stay went on to commit further crimes, including killer Ernesto Elliott, who was jailed for 26 years after murdering a man in a knife fight in June 2021.

Other individuals who were allowed to stay, such as heroin dealer Akiva Heaven and county lines dealer Barrington Laing, also re-offended.

In response, Labour clarified that it is not the party’s policy to block deportations and blamed the Tories for failing to deal with violent and serious criminals.

Sir Keir has recently positioned himself as tough on crime and has pledged to deliver 3,000 extra neighbourhood police and PCSOs.

However, his involvement in the campaign against the deportation flight has raised questions about his stance on law and order.

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