UK Parliamentarians express outrage over new Channel 4 show featuring naked adults infront of young teens

Concerns raised about child safeguarding and appropriateness of Naked Education


UK Parliamentarians have expressed outrage at the new Channel 4 show, Naked Education, which features grown adults getting naked in front of under-18 teens.

The show is a six-part series that aims to “normalise all body types” and was hosted by Anna Richardson, Yinka Bokinni and Dr Alex George. The first episode of the show was broadcast before the watershed on Tuesday.


The Parliamentarians have raised concerns about the show’s impact on child safeguarding, with Miriam Cates MP saying that it is “extremely concerning” to deliberately expose children, who are too young to consent, to naked adult bodies.

She added that teaching children from an early age that intimate parts of their bodies are private is crucial in protecting them from abuse and reinforcing important social boundaries.

Channel 4 defends show as body-positive and educational, while MPs call for probe and review of policies

Jonathan Gullis MP also questioned the appropriateness of the show and stated that “adults stripping off in front of kids is not how responsible sex education should happen.” He added that if the show were a film, there would be parental warnings and age restrictions.

Brendan Clarke-Smith MP expressed his concerns about normalizing stripping off naked in front of children, and he believes that parents will be horrified that a mainstream broadcaster like Channel 4 deems this in any way acceptable.


Baroness Claire Fox said the programme is the “height of irresponsibility,” accusing the broadcaster of thinking its educational output “should be naked adults frolicking with young people.”

She also cited wider societal concerns about “breaking down the barriers between young people and adults, introducing them to adult concepts such as kinks, masturbation for 11-year-olds and how to choke safely,” citing the concerns raised by Miriam Cates’s investigation into sex education in schools.

Channel 4 defended the show by saying that it is a “body-positive, educational series aiming to normalise all body types.”

The show has also raised concerns among viewers and GMB presenter Kate Garraway, who expressed discomfort about the physicality of a stranger being naked in front of a teenager.


Parliamentarians are calling for a probe into the show and are demanding a review of Channel 4’s policies on child safeguarding.

The controversy has once again highlighted the need for responsible and age-appropriate sex education in schools and the media.

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