Migrant raf base

UK Government Plans to House Migrants in Disused RAF Base

The UK government has announced plans to house illegal migrants in a disused RAF base as part of efforts to tackle the ongoing migrant crisis.


According to a report by Express UK, the Home Office has confirmed that it is considering using the site of the former RAF Coltishall base in Norfolk to accommodate illegal migrants.

The move comes as the UK grapples with a sharp increase in the number of illegal migrants attempting to cross the English Channel.


The proposed housing at the disused military base is said to provide “safe and secure accommodation” for asylum seekers while their claims are being processed.

The Home Office stated that the site would be able to accommodate up to 500 people, with communal areas and access to essential services.

However, the decision has been met with criticism from some local residents and politicians. Conservative MP for North Norfolk, Duncan Baker, has expressed concerns about the impact on the local community, stating that the government must ensure that any plans are “properly thought through.”

Baker has called for the government to consult with local residents and to provide reassurances that the proposed housing would not lead to an increase in crime or anti-social behavior.


He has also called for the government to provide additional resources to support the local community, including increased funding for public services and infrastructure.

Other politicians have also voiced their concerns about the proposed housing. Liberal Democrat MP for South Norfolk, Simon Wright, has called on the government to ensure that the site is adequately staffed and resourced to meet the needs of the illegal migrants.

He has also called for greater support for local charities and organisations that provide support to asylum seekers and refugees.

Despite the criticism, the government has defended its plans, stating that the proposed housing at the RAF base would provide much-needed support to asylum seekers who have fled conflict and persecution in their home countries.


The government has also stated that it is committed to working with local communities to address any concerns and to ensure that the proposed housing is implemented in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the local community.

The ongoing migrant crisis has been a major challenge for the UK government, with a sharp increase in the number of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel in recent months.

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