George Soros’ son has easy access to White House honchos

Alex Soros, the son of billionaire George Soros, has been granted VIP access to the White House, according to new reports.

A new report reveals that Alex Soros, the son of liberal billionaire George Soros, has had frequent and easy access to high-level officials in the White House.

The report states that Alex Soros, a major donor to the Democratic party, has been granted “VIP access” to the White House, including meetings with top officials like Vice President Harris and senior adviser to the president, Anita Dunn.


The report has raised concerns about the influence of wealthy donors like Soros on the Biden administration.

Critics argue that such access gives the appearance of impropriety and undermines the integrity of the democratic process.

However, a spokesperson for Alex Soros defended his access to the White House, saying that he “regularly meets with policymakers and government officials on a wide range of issues, including human rights, climate change, and democracy promotion.”

The report also notes that Alex Soros has been a vocal critic of former President Trump and his policies.


In the 2020 election, he donated millions of dollars to Democratic candidates and organizations, including the Biden campaign.

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