Top Secret Pentagon Documents Expose Successful US Intelligence Breach in Russian Agencies

Classified documents reveal Russian intelligence compromised by US, putting national security at risk


Top secret Pentagon documents obtained by the New York Post show that Russian intelligence agencies have been compromised by US operatives, putting national security at risk.

The documents, dated from the past year, detail an elaborate operation carried out by US intelligence agencies to infiltrate and compromise the security of several key Russian agencies.


The operation was apparently so successful that it allowed US operatives to obtain access to classified Russian intelligence files and communications.

According to the documents, the operation was carried out with the help of Russian insiders who were working in collaboration with US intelligence agencies.

The insiders provided US operatives with critical information about the security protocols and vulnerabilities of the targeted Russian agencies, making it easier for them to carry out their mission.

The Pentagon has not commented on the leaked documents, and it is unclear how the information will impact US-Russia relations.


However, experts warn that the revelation of the US intelligence operation could lead to retaliation by the Russian government, putting American lives and interests at risk.

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