EU Member Crisis Looms: Italy, Greece, and France Most Likely to Leave

Map Indicates Three Major Countries at Risk of Exiting EU

A recent map has revealed that Italy, Greece, and France are the European Union (EU) member countries most likely to leave the bloc, according to a report.

The map, which highlights the probability of each country leaving the EU, indicates a potential crisis for the political and economic union.


The report states, “Italy has the highest likelihood of leaving the EU, followed closely by Greece and France.”

The threat of these major countries exiting the EU could have significant consequences for the stability of the union, which has already faced challenges with the United Kingdom’s departure in 2020.

With ongoing economic issues, public dissatisfaction with the EU, and nationalistic sentiments on the rise, the potential departures of Italy, Greece, and France could pose a real challenge for the European Union’s future.

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