BBC Faces Bias Row Over Labour Activist Fact-Checker

BBC accused of “obvious bias” as political fact-checker is revealed to be a lifelong Labour supporter

The BBC is facing accusations of “obvious bias” after it emerged that their political fact-checker, Oscar Bentley, is a lifelong Labour supporter and activist. Bentley made his TV debut on Politics Live, offering critical analysis of the Tory leader’s use of crime statistics.

Bentley’s political affiliations came to light after his appearance on Politics Live. Reports revealed that he has been a vocal Labour supporter, canvassing for Corbyn in the last election and frequently criticising the Conservatives on social media. This has led to concerns about his impartiality as a political fact-checker.


Tory vice chairman Craig Tracey and backbench MP Tom Hunt expressed their disappointment with the BBC’s choice of fact-checker, emphasising the need for impartiality in the public service broadcaster. Jacob Rees Mogg, a former minister and current GB News host, encouraged viewers to tune into GB News for balanced reporting instead.

In response, the BBC issued a statement clarifying that employees are bound by the BBC’s editorial rules of impartiality, and that any opinions expressed prior to their employment are irrelevant.

The BBC is facing a bias row over the political affiliations of its fact-checker, Oscar Bentley. The revelation has sparked concerns over impartiality in the broadcaster’s political coverage, with some calling for immediate action from the BBC’s director general. The BBC maintains that its employees follow impartiality guidelines and that opinions expressed before employment are not relevant.

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