Braverman Determined to Implement Strict Illegal Migration Laws Despite Opposition

Civil service ‘sabotage’ fears emerge as “stop the boats” Bill returns to the Commons

Home Secretary Suella Braverman is committed to enforcing strict new laws to combat illegal migration amid concerns of civil service resistance. As the “stop the boats” Bill returns to the Commons this week, Braverman faces opposition from those who supposedly undermined Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, leading to his resignation.

Senior colleagues warn that civil service “activists” will try to block Braverman’s proposals following Raab’s removal due to “flimsy” bullying allegations. However, Braverman urges Parliament and the Labour Party to support the Bill and not “frustrate the will of the people”.


The Bill includes measures to ensure that legal action does not halt deportation flights to Rwanda. An exclusive Sunday Express poll reveals significant public backing for strong action against the migrant crisis, with 42% in favour of withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights to ensure deportations proceed.

Meanwhile, critics argue that the Illegal Migration Bill is a “headline-chasing sham”, with the Government failing to secure proper returns agreements. Refugee advocates also express concern about the harsh measures proposed to detain people fleeing war, torture, and persecution.

Despite mounting opposition, Braverman is determined to implement tough illegal migration laws, pushing for her Bill’s approval in the Commons. The legislation is seen by some as crucial to restoring public trust in the government’s ability to manage the migrant crisis.

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