Andrew Bridgen MP Defends Controversial Vaccine Stance

Expelled Conservative MP suggests his remarks may have saved children’s lives


Andrew Bridgen, a former Conservative MP, has defended his controversial stance on Covid vaccines, suggesting that his outspoken concerns may have saved children’s lives. Bridgen was expelled from the party after comparing the vaccine to the Holocaust and breaching lobbying rules.

Bridgen passionately defended his remarks during an interview on GB News, stating that if his comments led to a child’s life being saved, then losing his political career would be a worthwhile sacrifice. He expressed disappointment at being expelled from a party he had served for several decades, saying, “I barely recognise the Conservative party at the moment. We seem to have moved away from being a party that legislates for the people to a party that legislates against the people.”


The former MP for North West Leicestershire argued that he had the right to free speech and the responsibility to express his constituents’ legitimate concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. Bridgen highlighted that his speeches in Parliament led the Government to reconsider approving the use of experimental vaccines for children as young as six months.

However, his comments have been widely criticised, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak deeming them “utterly unacceptable.” Bridgen lost the party whip in January, sitting in the Commons as an independent before being expelled from the Conservative Party on April 12.

Andrew Bridgen’s expulsion from the Conservative Party has ignited a debate over free speech and the responsibilities of MPs to represent their constituents’ concerns. Despite the backlash, Bridgen stands by his controversial vaccine remarks, asserting that they may have saved children’s lives.

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