Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Refuses to Apologise to Rosie Duffield Over Women’s Rights Mistreatment

Rishi Sunak criticises Starmer’s “questionable” record on women

Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has refused to apologise to Rosie Duffield for the mistreatment she faced in her fight for women’s rights. Duffield, a Labour MP, revealed in the Daily Express that she had been “hounded and harassed” over her views on the clash between trans and women’s rights.

Duffield accused a clique around the party leader of leaving her isolated after their “non-stop” abuse. However, Sir Keir dodged questions from the paper about why he had not offered her any support or if he wanted to apologise. He instead emphasised the importance of creating an environment of respect and tolerance for debates on issues with strong and different views.


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak backed the crusade to protect women’s rights and attacked Sir Keir’s “questionable” record on women during a clash in the Commons. Sunak challenged the Labour leader to work out “what a woman is” before “preaching” about his party’s proposals to make teaching respect for women and girls part of the national curriculum.

As debates over women’s rights continue, the government remains committed to maintaining safeguards for single-sex spaces. Equalities minister Stuart Andrew confirmed the importance of operating spaces reserved for women and girls, and tackling harassment and abusive behaviour to ensure these spaces are safe.

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