New Legislation to Ban Disruptive Eco-Warrior Protests in London

Police granted powers to intervene in slow-walking protests causing gridlock and delays

The UK Government is set to introduce new legislation to ban disruptive eco-warrior protests, specifically targeting slow-walking tactics used by activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil. The Home Office announced the decision as a response to recent protests causing significant gridlock and delays on London roads.

The new law aims to provide clarity and additional police powers to intervene in situations where slow-walking protesters are causing “serious disruption to the life of the community”. This comes after police chiefs requested clear definitions of “serious disruption”, as well as taking into account the cumulative impact of such protests on the public’s daily routines.


Home Secretary Suella Braverman stated, “Selfish, disruptive protesters are wreaking havoc in people’s everyday lives across the country and this must be brought to a stop.” The new legislation will allow police to clear roads of slow-marching protesters intent on causing chaos in the UK.

The proposed legislation will be debated in Parliament and complements the Public Order Bill, which passed through the House of Lords on Wednesday. The Public Order Bill targets protesters who glue or clamp themselves to national infrastructure such as railways and airports. Offenders may face up to 12 months in prison.

However, the new protest powers have faced criticism. Volker Türk, United Nations high commissioner for human rights, called them “wholly unnecessary” and “deeply troubling”, accusing the UK Government of limiting legitimate rights and targeting peaceful protests.

Chief Constable BJ Harrington responded, “We are committed to responding effectively to activists who deliberately disrupt people’s lives through dangerous, reckless, and criminal acts.”

With the introduction of this new legislation, the UK Government aims to prevent further disruption caused by eco-warrior protests on London roads. The law will grant police additional powers to intervene in slow-walking protests, but critics argue that it may infringe on citizens’ rights to peaceful protest.

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