Starmer’s Past as Prosecutor Worries Labour

Tories target Labour leader’s record

The Labour Party is concerned about the Tories’ plans to attack Sir Keir Starmer’s past as director of public prosecutions, as reported by Sky News. Starmer’s tenure in this role is considered a potential vulnerability for the Labour leader.

Starmer, the former head of the Crown Prosecution Service between 2008 and 2013, has used his experience in this role to appeal to voters. However, the Tories have been researching cases from Starmer’s past for over a year, aiming to sway public opinion against him.


One case the Tories plan to use against Starmer is the 2010 “Twitter joke trial.” The controversy surrounding this case has caused worry within the Labour Party, as it could contribute to the “Sir Softie” image the Tories are trying to create for Starmer.

With elections approaching, Labour insiders fear that recent attack ads against Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may encourage further Tory attacks on Starmer’s record as DPP. Some within the party believe focusing on Starmer’s controversial past is not a good political strategy.

Despite concerns, a Labour spokesperson said Sir Keir would continue to use his experience to gain voters’ trust. Starmer is proud of his record as the country’s top prosecutor, focusing on victims’ rights and driving change.

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