Asylum Seeker Mother Slams “Unsuitable” Hotel Food for Her Children

East Devon hotel accused of providing inadequate meals for asylum-seeking family

A 45-year-old asylum seeker mother, Hyre, has criticised the East Devon hotel they are staying in for providing “unsuitable” food for her two children aged 16 and 14. The family has been housed in the hotel for the past two months since arriving in the UK from Albania.

Hyre’s children reportedly refuse to eat the meals provided by the hotel, which the Home Office claims meet NHS Eatwell standards and cater to cultural and dietary requirements. In one instance, the children were served chicken drumsticks, rice, a burger bap, bananas, and dates.


Hyre told Devon Live, “My children don’t eat anything from the food that they give. The children ask me to cook for them, but I don’t have a kitchen to feed my children. I feel very bad when I look at my children without food.”

Hyre also claims that the hotel does not allow windows to be opened, making it a “closed” environment for her and her daughter, who are both unwell. Furthermore, she says the remote location of the hotel makes it difficult to access local facilities.

The Home Office states that eligible asylum seekers in catered accommodation receive £9.10 per household member weekly, but Hyre says this is insufficient to purchase alternative food, clothes, and shoes for her children.

The Home Office maintains that they continue to support asylum seekers and address any concerns raised about the services provided in hotels. A spokesperson stated, “The food provided in asylum hotels meets NHS Eatwell standards and responds to all culture and dietary requirements.”

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  1. This woman is hell bent on getting out of a hotel, and into a house, to establish herself and family into our system via fast track, and for someone who is here illegally, her show of gratitude is unbelievable, her demands are outrageous, she did not flee war, and she arrived here illegally from a safe country, therefore needs returning their country of origin or France ASAP. they do not qualify as asylum seekers.

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