Just Stop Oil Activists Disrupt London Traffic, Ignoring Police Pleas

Slow-walking protesters demand an end to new oil and gas licenses, causing frustration for motorists and police


London roads faced major disruptions as Just Stop Oil activists continued their slow-walking protests, ignoring police pleas to move off the road. Sporting their signature orange high-vis jackets and banners, the eco-protesters demanded an end to new oil and gas licenses, causing inconvenience for motorists on a bank holiday Monday.

The deliberate slow walk aimed to cause disruption, with LBC reporter Henry Riley recording a police officer near Marble Arch asking the protesters to cooperate. The officer’s request to move to the side was met with silent refusal, leading to increased frustration for both the police and motorists.

Critics argue that the Metropolitan Police (Met) has not been tough enough on eco protests that interfere with ordinary people’s lives. While some onlookers applauded the officer’s attempt to reason with the group, others expressed their annoyance by honking their horns.

The Just Stop Oil campaign divided its 40 activists into two groups on Monday morning, with one group marching from Green Park and the other from Portman Square. The group stated that their supporters have been marching in the capital daily since April 24th.

The protests follow international outcry over authoritarian crackdowns on legitimate, peaceful demonstrations during the Coronation weekend. Several Just Stop Oil activists were detained as they targeted King Charles’s coronation, with 19 supporters arrested for possession of t-shirts and flags featuring their slogan.

In addition to the activists, two independent journalists with visible press accreditations were arrested and held for up to 18 hours. The Met confirmed 64 arrests for various offences during the Coronation policing operation, but did not specify how many were eco-protesters.

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