VIDEO: Controversial Mega Migrant Boat Stirs Tension in Falmouth

Local Councillors Demand Extra Funding for Police Resources as Boat Arrives for Assessment and Refit


FALMOUTH, UK – The arrival of the controversial ‘Mega Migrant Boat’ in Falmouth has sparked tension among local councillors, who claim that the vessel “shouldn’t be here.” Capable of housing up to 500 migrants, the boat is currently docked in the coastal town for assessment and refit.

Local councillors are urging the Home Office to provide additional funding for police resources, anticipating the potential challenges and security risks that may arise due to the presence of the vessel. The Mega Migrant Boat is expected to cost a staggering £20,000 per day to rent.

One local councillor stated, “It shouldn’t be here,” expressing the general sentiment of unease and frustration among officials in the area. The Home Office has yet to respond to the councillors’ request for extra funding.

The Mega Migrant Boat’s arrival in Falmouth has drawn attention not only from local authorities but also from the media and the public. As the UK grapples with the ongoing migrant crisis, the vessel’s presence raises questions about the country’s preparedness and resources for addressing this complex issue.

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