Farage Fumes at Archbishop Over Migrant Bill Criticism

Nigel Farage confronts Archbishop Welby’s disparagement of Government’s illegal migrant bill


In an escalating controversy, Nigel Farage, ex-UKIP leader, has vehemently criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, over his recent speech in the Lords. The Archbishop voiced strong objections to the Government’s planned legislation to prevent illegal boat crossings, deeming it “impractical and morally unacceptable.”

Farage, the host of GB News, fired back at the Archbishop’s comments, branding him “completely and utterly out of touch” and accusing him of straying into political territory. In a daring move, Farage penned a letter to Lambeth Palace, challenging the Archbishop on the potential limit to the number of refugees welcomed into Britain, only to receive an ambiguous response.

In an impassioned plea, Farage said, “Archbishop, surely your job – above all – is to look after your flock, your diminishing flock, in this country.” He suggested the country’s rising population was adversely affecting the quality of life for UK residents.

Farage also denied claims of lacking compassion towards the refugee situation, citing the half-a-million people allowed to enter the UK from countries such as Afghanistan, Hong Kong, and Ukraine. “I don’t see how we can do any more than we are already doing,” he stated.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick, supporting Farage’s stance, respectfully disagreed with the Archbishop’s criticism. Jenrick believes the British public supports the Government’s efforts to halt illegal boat crossings, a sentiment echoed by Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith and Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson, who both criticised Welby’s stance on the matter.

This escalating controversy continues to divide opinions, placing the Church of England and its leadership under scrutiny, and reigniting debates about the UK’s immigration policies and the role of the Church in political discourse.

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  1. Justin Welby is a fool, I want to see genuine asylum seekers start a new life in safety here, but none of the boat people qualify for that status, they are fleeing the EU, the very institution that lay down the welcome mat out for them, has he heard Christians are being slaughtered in Islamic countries, just because they refuse to follow the Islamic ideology? not all the murderers are involved with terrorist organizations, they do it because of their beliefs, and the very same ideology is flooding into all the Christian west. Islam and Christianity are as suited together as democracy and communism, it can never happen, it will never work, so Welby would be better with his nose in the bible, and out of politics.

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