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Lords Rebel: Controversial Immigration Bill on the Chopping Block

The House of Lords mounts a full-scale offensive against Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s disputed Immigration Bill, decrying it as unworkable and unethical.


In an unprecedented show of dissent, unelected members of the House of Lords are poised today to rebel against the controversial Immigration Bill tabled by Home Secretary Suella Braverman. The bill, which aims to halt small boat crossings and expedite the removal of illegal immigrants to so-called “safe” third countries, is set to be besieged with criticism and calls for reform.

Earlier this year, the Immigration Bill barely scraped through the House of Commons, achieving a narrow victory of 289 to 230 votes. Despite its passage, the bill has been lambasted by a considerable number of peers as fundamentally “unworkable and unethical.” As it faces the House of Lords, it teeters on the brink of rejection or extensive overhaul before it can return to the Commons.

Liberal Democrat Lord Paddick is leading the charge to deny the bill a second reading. The former Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner has launched a blistering attack on the proposed legislation, arguing it “doesn’t meet the UK’s international law commitments and doesn’t address the problems it’s supposed to solve.”

Echoing these fiery criticisms, Labour MPs have labelled the bill as nothing more than a “gimmick.” In a fierce indictment, one Labour representative remarked, “The small boat crisis needs tackling head on but this gimmick of a bill won’t deal with the major problems and misery caused by those who traffic and exploit vulnerable people, risk lives, and undermine our border security.”

The bill’s turbulent journey doesn’t end with opposition parties. Even within the Conservative party, dissent is brewing. Conservative MP Stephen Hammond has boldly declared his intent to vote against the bill if no amendments are made, bringing up pressing child safety concerns. He has demanded explicit reassurances that “the Government is making adequate provision for under 18 year-olds.”

The Green Party is also throwing its weight behind the fight to derail the bill. Its members have labelled the bill as “immoral and plain nasty,” and warn that it will “reduce the chances of working with our neighbours for a fair, just, workable system.”

With an astounding 87 peers set to debate, the Immigration Bill faces a storm of controversy and potential reform. It is under fire for a range of critical issues, from modern slavery and child safeguarding, to judicial oversight, international law, and a lack of impact assessment. The bill’s future hangs in the balance as it faces this onslaught of scrutiny.

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  1. Citizens of the UK voted Brexit to stop this happening. The government has failed the people in the UK. Failure leaving. Failed to bring back uk laws .massive failure to stop illegal immigrants flooding the uk. Spending tax payers money on them like if water running from a tap. Disbanded the house of lords because they are just tax payers money waist . But Brexit will never happen because politicians are making to much money from the EU business. It’s time the government started to do what they should be doing. Working for the British people
    and not for themselves. I feel betrayed that my taxes as a working citizens of the UK at now 65 is paying for the illegal immigrants invasion .

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