Political Power Play: Sir Vince Cable Reveals Potential Lib-Lab Coalition, Threatens Brexit Reversal

Sir Vince Cable’s letter in The Times outlines the terms of a Liberal-Labour pact, hinting at a post-Brexit EU alliance, ignites controversy.


In a controversial move, former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has outlined the terms of a potential coalition with Labour after the upcoming General Election. Cable, a prominent figure in the 2010 Conservative Coalition Government, utilised a letter in The Times to lay out his party’s expectations.

The proposed “Lib-Lab coalition” sparked immediate backlash from the Conservatives, with Rishi Sunak accusing Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, of “busily plotting coalitions”.

Cable emphasised the historical ties between the Liberal Democrats and Labour, including their support for “many good measures” under Tony Blair’s government.

Cable warned that without a coalition, Labour’s chances of a “1997-style landslide” are slim unless there’s an unexpected SNP collapse. He suggests Labour going solo might only guarantee “short-term survival”, contrasting with the parties’ shared ambitions for a national transformation.

The former party leader detailed potential areas of cooperation including a “green” transformation, electoral reform, and a “radical” decentralisation of powers from Whitehall. In a contentious revelation, Cable indicated a pro-EU agenda aimed at “rebuilding links with the EU” and unpicking parts of Brexit – an objective the Lib Dems are eager to help Labour achieve “further and faster”.

This proposition could pose a significant challenge for Starmer, who recently sidestepped questions about a potential Liberal Democrat coalition, insisting he’s aiming for an “outright majority”. However, he did explicitly rule out an SNP coalition.

Senior Tories have voiced concerns about the Lib-Lab coalition’s potential Brexit reversal. Simon Clarke, a former Cabinet Minister, said such a coalition would “betray the vote of the left-behind communities”.

Tory MP Ben Bradley echoed these sentiments, arguing that a Liberal Democrat government would “put Brexit outcomes at risk”.

As the political drama unfolds, Cable revealed that “serious, but deniable, conversations” between the Lib Dems and Labour are anticipated in the year ahead. However, a Lib Dem spokesman told The Sun: “Vince doesn’t speak for the party. We hope he continues to enjoy his retirement.”

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