Tensions Mount as UK Sends Storm Shadow Missiles to Embattled Ukraine

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirms the delivery of long-range missiles, sparking potential escalation of conflict with Russia


In a move sparking international controversy, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed that the UK is delivering long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine. Wallace’s announcement, confirming some missiles have already reached Ukraine, has potential to escalate tensions with Russia.

Ukraine has been seeking such weapons for self-defence, a request largely denied by countries including the US, fearing it might incite strikes within Russia.

The Storm Shadow, an air-launched cruise missile developed jointly by British Aerospace and a French firm, carries a 450kg conventional warhead and boasts a range of up to 200 miles.

Its deployment in Ukraine, Wallace argued, provides the country with the best possible defence against Russia’s ongoing aggression, particularly their targeted assaults on civilian infrastructure, a clear violation of international law.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Wallace stated, “Ukraine has a right to defend itself against this. These missiles will be used within Ukrainian sovereign territory.” This statement highlights the potential for greater Russian retaliation should missiles be launched into Russian territory.

In reaction to reports of the deal, Moscow stated that such a move would necessitate an “adequate response from our military.” This response threatens to further escalate an already volatile situation.

Despite the high stakes, Wallace refrained from revealing in-depth details about the Storm Shadow’s capabilities, but stressed that it pales in comparison to the Russian AS-24 Killjoy hypersonic missile and the Kalibr cruise missile.

Russia’s attack methods on Ukraine, including alleged usage of white phosphorous, a weapon that contravenes “protocol three of the Convention of Certain Conventional Weapons,” were also highlighted by the Defence Secretary.

The controversial delivery of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine poses the question of the fine balance between a nation’s right to self-defence and the international repercussions such actions could incite.

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