Prince Andrew’s Attempt at Public Resurgence Faces Royal Resistance

The Duke’s photos from the Coronation ceremony remain unreleased, signalling the Royal Family’s reluctance to welcome him back.


Prince Andrew’s endeavour to re-emerge into public life has reportedly faced resistance from the Royal Family, as his presence in a recent photoshoot for the Coronation remains unseen by the public.

The Duke of York, despite not being a “working” member of the monarchy, is understood to have participated in the photoshoot with King Charles and other royals but his images have yet to be released.

“Andrew wanted to be included in the photoshoot and requested that there would be time in the schedule for him to be photographed. He wanted to make sure there was an official record of his participation in his brother’s Coronation.

But it is unlikely the images will be released by the palace,” an insider revealed to the Telegraph.

The Palace released a series of images featuring King Charles and various members of the Royal Family, notably excluding Prince Andrew.

This comes as a part of the fallout following his controversial Newsnight interview in 2019 and the subsequent scandal surrounding his association with the convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke’s absence from the public eye has been apparent since he stepped away from his royal duties. His former wife, Sarah Ferguson, during her recent promotional events for her latest romance novel, has repeatedly referred to the Duke as a “good man” and an “honest person” who “needs to be taken out of the spotlight so he can get on with his life”.

Russell Myers, the royal editor at Lorraine, noted that Ferguson’s comments might be an attempt to reintroduce Prince Andrew “back into the fold”.

Despite royal resistance, Prince Andrew’s efforts to rehabilitate his image remain steadfast. His recent appearances at the Easter Sunday service in Windsor and the Coronation of King Charles III have stirred controversy, particularly as he disregarded the late Queen’s wishes by wearing his full Garter robes in public.

While Andrew’s actions suggest his intent to reclaim his royal status, it remains to be seen whether the Royal Family, and indeed the British public, are prepared to accept his return.

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