Security Alert at BBC’s London HQ: Protester Attacks Controversial Statue

Individual with Spiderman mask targets Eric Gill’s ‘Prospero and Ariel’ statue amid growing controversy

London’s Broadcasting House, the headquarter of the BBC, witnessed a significant security concern earlier today when a man scaled the scaffolding of the building to hammer at a contentious statue. This incident marks the second attack on the sculpture in recent times.

The sculpture under attack, ‘Prospero and Ariel’, created by the infamous sculptor Eric Gill, has been the center of controversy due to revelations from Gill’s diaries, implicating him in the sexual abuse of his daughters.

“A man was spotted damaging the sculpture after climbing the scaffolding at around 04:15 BST on Saturday,” a Metropolitan Police spokesperson revealed. The spokesperson noted that due to the heightened circumstances, it wasn’t possible to safely apprehend the suspect at that time.

Donned in a Spiderman mask, the individual continued his protest against the statue, and could be seen leaning against the scaffolding. His banners read: “BBC: Epicentre of propaganda, paedophiles and b*******. Police – corrupt to the core, only serving and protecting corporations and elites.”

While the situation unfolded, the Metropolitan Police had to extend a previously set cordon, resulting in sections of Regent Street and the front of New Broadcasting House being taped off. By 11:30 BST, the man was still on the scaffolding, while the police monitored the situation from a safe distance.

Damages from a similar incident last year are still under repair, with the BBC having closed its entrance temporarily on 9 May to facilitate the restoration works. The corporation had previously stated that they expected the repair works to be completed by 19 June.

In response to this incident, the BBC has stated that the matter is currently being handled by the police and emergency services.

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