Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Pledges to Cut Legal Immigration with New Measures

Stricter Controls on Immigration to Prioritise British Workforce, Says UK Prime Minister


In a significant policy shift, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced his commitment to reducing legal immigration through a series of new measures.

The bold move by the Prime Minister has generated widespread attention and sparked intense debates among politicians, experts, and advocacy groups regarding the potential implications of the proposed changes.

Sunak, who assumed the role of Prime Minister earlier this year, unveiled his plans during a highly-anticipated press conference held today.

With a focus on addressing concerns surrounding immigration and prioritising the interests of the native workforce, the government aims to enact stricter controls on legal immigration to the United Kingdom.

The proposed measures outlined by Sunak indicate a comprehensive overhaul of the current immigration system, with the primary objective of ensuring that job opportunities are first and foremost available to British citizens and residents.

The government plans to streamline the immigration process, introducing a more efficient system that gives priority to highly skilled workers capable of making significant contributions to key industries in the country.

As part of the new framework, the Prime Minister emphasised the need to tackle potential wage depression resulting from a large influx of foreign workers. The proposed measures will require employers to meet specific wage thresholds when hiring non-UK nationals, ensuring that they do not undermine local wages and contribute to unfair competition.

Prime Minister Sunak’s announcement has garnered mixed reactions from various quarters. Supporters argue that the proposed changes would safeguard job prospects for British citizens, protect wage levels, and prioritise the national workforce’s needs.

However, critics argue that reducing legal immigration could adversely affect sectors reliant on foreign talent, hinder economic growth, and undermine the United Kingdom’s reputation as a global hub for innovation and diversity.

The government’s commitment to reducing legal immigration represents a significant policy shift, one that will undoubtedly shape the national discourse on immigration in the months to come.

As the details of the proposed measures are further developed and debated, the nation awaits with anticipation for the potential impact of these changes on the socio-economic landscape of the United Kingdom.

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