Johnson’s Allies Threaten By-elections Amidst Alleged Covid Rule-Breaking Scandal

Potential peerages may trigger early by-elections to deal a blow to Rishi Sunak, amidst allegations against former PM Boris Johnson


Allies of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson are considering triggering three by-elections as a strategic move to weaken Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Nadine Dorries, Nigel Adams, and Alok Sharma, loyal supporters of Johnson, could vacate their seats in the House of Commons to take up peerages, an honour bestowed upon them in Johnson’s resignation honours list.

This move could fast-track by-elections, placing pressure on the Conservative party, which currently trails Labour by more than 10 percentage points. Johnson’s allies are reportedly threatening this course of action in response to Johnson’s referral to the police over alleged Covid rule-breaking while at Chequers, his grace-and-favour mansion. Denying any wrongdoing, Johnson’s allies have labelled this investigation as a witch hunt.

An ally revealed to the Telegraph that this could be the “final straw”, indicating a potential backlash against Sunak unless he can demonstrate control over the Civil Service. The Cabinet Office responded that civil servants were adhering to the Civil Service Code.

Key Points:

  • Nadine Dorries, Nigel Adams, and Alok Sharma, allies of Boris Johnson, may trigger by-elections in their constituencies by accepting peerages.
  • The move is seen as a potential ploy to damage Rishi Sunak amidst a scandal involving alleged Covid rule-breaking by the former PM.
  • Despite the Conservative party lagging by over 10 percentage points behind Labour, the MPs are reportedly contemplating to vacate their seats sooner than anticipated.

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