Labour Reinstates Suspended MP Neil Coyle

MP Neil Coyle Returns to Parliamentary Labour Party

The MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Neil Coyle, is reinstated to the parliamentary Labour Party following a suspension last year due to alleged misconduct. Sky News reports that Labour made this decision owing to Mr Coyle’s sobriety and the duration of his served suspension.

Mr Coyle was suspended in February last year after being accused of harassing an assistant and racially abusing a journalist whilst intoxicated. This misconduct led to him being suspended from all parliamentary bars and being forced to sit as an independent MP. Following this, Mr Coyle publicly apologised for his actions, acknowledging his drinking problem.

Despite being reinstated to the Labour Party, there is no guarantee that Mr Coyle will be the party’s chosen candidate in the next election. The news comes following the recent suspension of veteran Labour MP, Diane Abbott.

Key Points

  • MP Neil Coyle reinstated to the parliamentary Labour Party after suspension.
  • Coyle apologised for his misconduct and recognised his alcohol dependency.
  • Reinstatement does not secure his position as Labour’s chosen candidate in the upcoming election.

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