Eco-Protest at Chelsea Flower Show: Just Stop Oil Activists Arrested

Activists Throw Paint at Exhibit in Fossil Fuel Protest


In a bold protest against fossil fuels, three women from the eco-activist group Just Stop Oil caused disruption at the Chelsea Flower Show. They splattered orange paint over the RBC Brewin Dolphin Garden, a popular exhibit at the esteemed London event, to underline their demands for an end to new fossil fuel projects in the UK.

The activists breached the display area at 9am on Thursday by crossing over a rope barrier. “What use is a garden when you can’t grow food?” one activist retorted. Their message underscored the urgency of global climate change and its consequent effects on local communities.

The Metropolitan Police promptly intervened, arresting the three activists on suspicion of criminal damage. A bystander, in a bid to contain the situation, hosed down the protesters, mitigating the spread of the paint on the exhibit.

  • Just Stop Oil activists vandalise RBC Brewin Dolphin Garden at Chelsea Flower Show.
  • Three women arrested by Metropolitan Police on suspicion of criminal damage.
  • Audience member hosed down activists to prevent further damage.

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