Met Police Inspector Dramatically Expelled in Drug Misconduct Scandal

Tribunal Finds Detective Inspector Guilty of Gross Misconduct

A detective inspector, Warren Arter, has been dismissed from the Metropolitan Police for alleged gross misconduct.

Arter’s off-duty actions from 2016 to 2018, which included the procurement and offering of drugs, as well as attendance at drug-fuelled parties, resulted in his dismissal without notice. The inspector is also accused of failing to report a known individual exchanging drugs for sex.

The verdict was delivered this week, at a tribunal hearing, where Arter was found guilty by the Met panel. Chief Superintendent Trevor Lawry, BCU Commander for the Met’s South East Command, voiced his disappointment in Arter’s actions, emphasising the high standards expected of police officers.

This incident comes amidst a series of misconduct and corruption cases within the Met Police force, resulting in a number of dismissals. DI Arter will be added to the Barred List held by the College of Policing, thereby restricting his employment within any policing body.

Key Points:

  • Warren Arter, Met inspector, dismissed for buying and offering drugs, and attending drug-related parties.
  • Arter found guilty at a tribunal hearing, emphasising a continued crackdown on officer misconduct within Met Police.
  • Arter will be added to the College of Policing’s Barred List, restricting his future employment in policing.

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