Record Levels of Net Migration Despite Pledges to Decrease

UK migration hits 606,000, shattering promises of decreased numbers

Last year, net migration in the UK soared to a record 606,000, significantly higher than the 226,000 in 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This surge occurred despite promises from Conservative Party ministers to reduce numbers following post-Brexit border control measures. The ONS attributes the record levels to a series of unprecedented global events throughout 2022, coupled with the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

The primary factors for the high immigration levels over the past 18 months were the influx of non-EU workers, students, and humanitarian arrivals from Ukraine and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, as part of efforts to curtail migration, the Government will prohibit overseas students from bringing dependants to the UK from January 2024.

The Labour party criticises this spike as a broken promise, arguing that the Conservative Party’s actions have failed to live up to its repeated manifesto commitments to reduce immigration.

Key Points.

  • Net migration in the UK reached a record 606,000 in 2022
  • Despite promises of reduction, immigration figures rose sharply due to global events and the easing of Covid-19 restrictions
  • Overseas students will be banned from bringing dependants from January 2024 as part of the Government’s attempts to control migration

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