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Slamming Boris Johnson’s plan to pull the Northern Ireland Protocol, pro-EU remainer David Lammy calls it “wrong, shortsighted and ill-judged.”

Boris Johnson has been accused by Labour of attempting to start a trade war with the European Union, which would only worsen the UK’s cost of living issue.  Government threats to rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol, according to Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, have arrived at “the worst possible

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Nadhim Zahawi cuts off all funding to woke National Union of Students after claims of anti-Semitism.

Because of anti-Semitism concerns, the government has severed ties with the National Union of Students.  According to Universities Minister Michelle Donelan, this means the NUS will no longer be eligible for funds from the government.  He expressed concern that some Jewish students would feel marginalised by an organisation that should

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Arlene Foster blasts Brussels, saying the EU has its “heads in sand,” leaving Northern Ireland in disarray.

Due to the European Union’s refusal to renegotiate, the United Kingdom is likely to abandon the Northern Ireland agreement completely.  As political volatility increases, Boris Johnson’s government and the European Union have hit a deadlock on the Northern Ireland Protocol. Concerned about the Protocol, the unionist DUP has refused to

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Pro EU supporter, Simon Coveney, told the border issue is in a “mess” thanks to Ireland and the EU.

There is a new spat between British and Irish lawmakers over the contentious Northern Ireland Protocol after Ireland’s foreign affairs minister, Simon Coveney, was warned that Ireland and the EU left the border issue in a “mess.” While political tensions over the EU agreement are building, Boris Johnson, the UK

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