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Poll suggests Labour is losing support due to Sir Keir Starmer’s “beergate” controversy.

The latest Techne UK/Express tracker poll shows that Labour is losing support due to Sir Keir Starmer’s “beergate” controversy, but Boris Johnson has failed to capitalise on the upheaval enveloping his opponents.  Out of 1,634 respondents surveyed, the Conservatives received 34% of the vote, while Labour received 39% of the

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Lord Frost blasts US President “sleepy” Joe Biden, saying the UK “doesn’t need lectures” on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

This comes at a time when there is a disagreement between Britain and the European Union over the Protocol. The Protocol, according to EU negotiator Maro Sefcovic, who spoke to UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on Thursday, cannot be changed. Unless Brussels changes course on border checks in Northern Ireland over

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Keir Starmer is in a right mess – The Wakefield Labour Party executive committee resign en masse amid differences over candidates for the by-election.

Members of the Wakefield Constituency Labour Party’s executive committee all quit after a disagreement about how to choose candidates. Former Conservative MP Imran Ahman Khan gave up his Wakefield seat after he was found guilty of sexually abusing a 15-year-old child. An internal squabble inside the Wakefield Constituency Labour Party

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Tory MP calls for an investigation into the Bank of England after they “comprehensively underestimated the inflationary threat.”

The Bank of England, which was established independent of the government by Gordon Brown, has been slammed by a former senior cabinet member for failing to grasp the danger presented to the British economy.  At the same time, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has appointed another anti-Brexit economist to the bank’s board,

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