Financial revenge plot fails Brexit Britain mairead mcguinness mep EU commission city of London

EU financial revenge plot to punish Brexit Britain fails.

Keir Starmer attempts to gain votes from Brexiteers

Keir Starmer wants you to trust him as he attempts to go Brexity to gain your vote. 

EU Commission grants candidate status to Ukraine

EU Commission grants Ukraine candidate status to join the bloc. 

Russia cut gas flow to France

Russian gas flow to France cut off.

Turkey NATO expansion Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Sweden

Turkey set to destroy Swedens chances of joining NATO after accusing the Baltic country of aiding a Terrorist political party.

EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Layen unhappy with Spain and Portugal after breaking ranks on electricity prices.

Portugal and Spain disobey EU regulations which has infuriated the French.

Leo Varadkar claims that altering the Northern Ireland Protocol will drive “more people towards Irish nationalism and away from support for the union.”

Russia claim nearly 700 extra fighters have surrendered at the Steelworks in Mariupol

Macron’s dream of a “United States of Europe” shattered after EU member states rebel against losing their sovereign powers.

Emmanuel Macron calls for a new “political European community” so Britain can remain in the EU orbit without membership.

Angry French pelt President Emmanuel Macron with tomatoes only a few days after he was re-elected.

Alarm bells ring after Eurozone inflation reaches new record high. 

WATCH LIVE – Results of the French Presidential Race.

Conveniently timed investigation triggered into Marine Le Pen by the EU fraud agency just days before she faces off with Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential election.

Marine Le Pen has been labelled “Brussels’ worst nightmare” by Nigel Farage as the French elections heat up.

MELTDOWN – The French left kick off live on air after Marine Le Pen finishes slightly behind Macron, beating all leftist parties. 

EU divided, as heads of member states clash over energy supply crisis.

Macron’s popularity crumbles as France goes into the first round of voting.

Russia, Olaf scholz, German, Russia

German Chancellor put on the spot after being questioned on the EU’s continued reliance on buying Russian gas.

ANGRY CLASH – Bulgarian MEP storms off after Irish MEP states “the answer to war isn’t more war, it’s peace”