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Marine Le Pen has been labelled “Brussels’ worst nightmare” by Nigel Farage as the French elections heat up.

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen has been labelled “Brussels’ worst nightmare” by Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party. On April 24, President Macron and Marine Le Pen will square off in the final round of voting in what is likely to be a close contest for

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MELTDOWN – The French left kick off live on air after Marine Le Pen finishes slightly behind Macron, beating all leftist parties. 

The leftists have kicked off as Emmanuel Macron and Marine LePen advanced in the contest for the French President.  The Socialists, who were formerly a leading party with their leader in the top office as president, earned less than 2% of the vote, causing seething discontent among French leftists.  This

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Macron’s popularity crumbles as France goes into the first round of voting.

Sunday is the first round of voting in France, as right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen closes in on Mr Macron’s crumbling support. The i’s Brussels reporter, Leo Cendrowicz, says Macron’s re-election is “far from assured.”  Mr Cendrowicz remarked in the publication: “While he is still the clear favourite, the polls

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German Chancellor put on the spot after being questioned on the EU’s continued reliance on buying Russian gas.

Olaf Scholz was questioned about Germany’s continued support for Vladimir Putin’s war machine. Germany has committed to ceasing its reliance on Russian gas after Ukraine’s invasion in February 2022. After warnings that the money was being used to finance Vladimir Putin’s military activities, Chancellor Olaf Scholz was uncomfortably challenged in London.  Mr Scholz emphasised

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ANGRY CLASH – Bulgarian MEP storms off after Irish MEP states “the answer to war isn’t more war, it’s peace”

Yesterday, heated words were exchanged in the European Parliament between Irish MEP Clare Daly and Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki. Just before the Bulgarian MEP stormed off in a rage, the Irish MEP stated, “the answer to war isn’t more war, it’s peace,” to which the Bulgarian MEP exploded in a rage,

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