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GM Police Chief makes a video apology for failing to protect three young girl from the vile Grooming Gangs in Rochdale.

It’s difficult to believe this video hasn’t gone viral. The Chief of the Greater Manchester Police Force has apologised for letting down three young girls in Rochdale who were targeted and repeatedly gang-raped by an Asian grooming gang above a takeaway shop for years. This apology has been long awaited, even though

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Mike Graham clashes with lefty journalist who claims ”defining a woman” is a complicated question to answer.

This morning on Talk radio left leaning journalist John Rentoul claimed that it is a difficult question to answer when asked “define what a woman is.” The clash between Mike Graham and John Rentoul happened this morning on Talk Radio when they were discussing what Keir Starmer has done to

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Extinction Rebellion protestor glues himself to the LBC studio microphone after heated words on climate change.

After briefly being interviewed by LBC, an environmental activist decided to pull fast-acting glue from his pocket, pour it on his hand, and stick his hand to the studio microphone live on LBC. This activist, who goes by the name of Nathan Mcgovern, was arrested by police for holding the demonstration and

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