Labour Wakefield Keir Starmer By election win

Keir Starmer states to a small crowd that the Labour Party is united and understands the concerns of the British people.

Bruges Group Boris Johnson Brexit Britain deregulation

The Bruges Group urges Boris Johnson to deregulate and ignite Brexit Britain.  

Boris Johnson loses by-election Wakefield Tiverton Honiton listen to the people

“I will listen to the voters” – It’s time to step up or be voted out

boris johnsons cuts through eu red tape brexiteers cheer on the uk prime minister

Brexiteers cheer on Boris Johnson to cut through the much hated EU red tape. 

National rail strikes RMT Keir Starmer Labour MPs Defied orders

More Labour MPs threaten to join the picket line if Keir Starmer disciplines those who defied his orders.

Labour MPs defy Keir Starmers orders picket line union rail walkout

‘Stay Away’ – Labour MP’s defy Starmers orders as they join unions on the picket line.

David Lammy Labour Investigation Parliamentary Standards Committee

David Lammy investigated by Parliament’s Standards Commission for possible financial disclosure breaches.

Keir Starmer attempts to gain votes from Brexiteers

Keir Starmer wants you to trust him as he attempts to go Brexity to gain your vote. 

RMT Strike Action rail disruption

RMT Boss – Strikes could spread to other sectors.

NRG Tory Conference Boris Johnson secretly meets President Volodymyr Zelenskiy Ukraine

Anger – Boris Johnson ditched meeting Tory MPs and supporters in Doncaster to secretly meet President Zelenskiy in Ukraine.

U.K. backs 3.5billion Ukraine Rebuild

UK backs a £3.5 billion aid proposal to help Ukraine rebuild. 

Priti Patel extradition Julian Assange US News

Priti Patel approves the extradition of Julian Assange to the US.

28 Foreign criminals deported to Romania Priti Patel Crime News

28 foreign criminals deported from the UK to Romania.

Rwanda asylum seeker flight grounded leftist politicians gloat

Leftist politicians gloat at the grounding of the migrant plane to Rwanda.

Northern Ireland Protocol Maros Sefcovic legal action launched Brexit News

Overriding the NI Protocol is ”Illegal” – The EU launches a new round of legal action against the United Kingdom. 

Deportation flight to Rwanda CANCELLED after all migrants were removed.

25 Bishops against Rwanda policy

According to 25 COE Bishops the Rwanda policy “should shame us as a nation.”

High Court Ruling Rwanda Migrant deportation flight

After a High Court ruling, the first migrant one-way deportation flight to Rwanda is expected to take off today.

Brexit News Northern Ireland Protocol amendments EU Furious Boris Johnson legislation

EU Are Furious – Boris Johnson releases a new document setting out the alterations to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Brexit News Lawful and Proper to alter Northern Ireland Protocol Brandon Lewis

Tory Minister states its ”Lawful” and ”‘Proper” to revoke elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol.