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Pro-EU advocate found out to be a hypocrite after slamming the UK for doing trade deal post Brexit with tyrant states.

After condemning the UK for pursuing trade agreements with tyrant nations throughout the globe since leaving the EU, a Remain Campaigner still has a bee in her bonnet.  While being questioned on BBC Newsnight, Naomi Smith, the CEO of the pro-EU remainer organisation ‘Best for Britain,’ made this statement.  “I

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Lying Labour exposed – Dan Wootton rips to shreds the lefts latest ploy to bring down Boris Johnson with deceptive propaganda.

With the Labour Party’s poll numbers plummeting after a false high, the left is now attempting to topple Boris Johnson via deceptive propaganda.  This sudden campaign by the left, backed by the mainstream media, seems to be a calculated attempt to smear conservatives ahead of the May elections. It makes

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David Frost has told British government officials not to get “sucked in” by the EU’s growing defence industrial agenda.

As he put out his views on the UK’s future relationship with the EU following its withdrawal from the union, the former Brexit minister cautioned that Brussels’ plan would not “suit UK armed forces or UK taxpayers.” Many in Whitehall, according to Lord David Frost, would welcome tighter defence connections

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