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Tory MP calls for an investigation into the Bank of England after they “comprehensively underestimated the inflationary threat.”

The Bank of England, which was established independent of the government by Gordon Brown, has been slammed by a former senior cabinet member for failing to grasp the danger presented to the British economy.  At the same time, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has appointed another anti-Brexit economist to the bank’s board,

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EU Vice President, Maros Sefcovic, refuses to compromise on the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

As the Northern Ireland Protocol continues to generate tension, the Foreign Secretary conducted a last-minute meeting with her EU colleague this morning.  The EU Commission Vice President, Maros Sefcovic, refused to compromise on the issue,   A representative for the Foreign Office said: “The Foreign Secretary outlined why EU proposals

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It’s “not your job!’ Labour Party distance themselves from Sadiq Khan’s push to legalise cannabis.

“Labour does not support changing the law on drugs,” a representative for the party said in response to the London mayor’s remarks. The Labour spokesperson continued: “Drugs policy is not devolved to mayors and under Labour would continue to be set by national government.” A new London Drugs Commission, established by

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